Canadian Rimfire Precision Series Leader Board

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. Other match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84 points).

Competitor’s match points will be aggregated for the 2018 season and the Top 3 finishers in each of the categories will be awarded trophies and their achievement immortalized on the CRPS Series Championship Trophy at the end of the season.

To see all the unlockable achievements visit the achievements page


Youth Division Rankings

NameRankDivisionRegionSeries PointsAchievements
Robinson, Colton1YouthWest61.64
Henderson-Soucie, Ryan  2YouthEast50.30
Galama, Erik  3YouthEast47.30
Henderson-Soucie, Tyler  4YouthEast46.97
Renchler, Luke5YouthWest43.84
Galama, Alec  6YouthEast37.84
Hogle, Benjamin  7YouthEast15.15


Production Division Rankings

NameRankDivisionRegionSeries PointsAchievements
Ratz, Paul  1ProductionEast135.13
Soucie, Gregory  2ProductionEast121.91
Jensen-fogt, Mike3ProductionWest100.00
Josselin, Gregory  4ProductionEast100.00
Seabrook, Garth  5ProductionEast100.00
Sloboda, Ed6ProductionWest100.00
Switzer, Stephen  7ProductionEast100.00
Lukban, Anthony  8ProductionEast93.85
Rousseau, Francois  9ProductionEast92.87
Tucker, Clayton  10ProductionEast91.89
Bloom, Aaron  11ProductionEast86.36
Morissette, Marc-André  12ProductionEast84.62
Liimatainen, Karl  13ProductionEast80.30
Goyette, Kevin  14ProductionEast75.76
Aggus, Ryan  15ProductionEast65.56
Gould, William  16ProductionEast61.54
Jalbert, Jonathan  17ProductionEast50.77
Gerin, Claude  18ProductionEast50.00
Hernandez, Sandra  19ProductionEast49.23
Eisele, David  20ProductionEast48.48
Bergen, Rick  21ProductionEast43.94
Cressey, Chuck  22ProductionEast39.39
Noury, Andrew23ProductionWest39.29
Van Cleemput, Kevin24ProductionWest39.29
Hogle, Lance  25ProductionEast37.88
Tremblay, Matthew26ProductionWest33.33
Lutwick, Kendall27ProductionWest28.57
Smith, Brad28ProductionWest19.05


Open Division Rankings

NameRankDivisionRegionSeries PointsAchievements
Noel, Jonpaul  1OpenEast171.54
Mclean, Ryan  2OpenEast151.16
Gelineau, Cedrik  3OpenEast145.15
Hind, Chris  4OpenEast117.82
Guinn, Denny  5OpenEast108.67
Bolivar, Bryan6OpenEast100.00
Dubois, Karl  7OpenEast100.00
Mcleod, Chad8OpenWest100.00
Teo, Jerry9OpenWest100.00
Steacy, Ryan10OpenWest97.37
St-louis Côté, Mathieu  11OpenEast97.06
Adam, Jameel  12OpenEast94.59
Ly, Phylim  13OpenEast92.65
Ray, Peter  14OpenEast91.89
Clinch, Brian  15OpenEast90.57
Span, Landon16OpenWest90.41
Latham, Kevin  17OpenEast89.19
Westover, Tim  18OpenEast88.37
Botha, Josh19OpenWest86.84
Rebman, Shawn20OpenWest79.45
Grein, Ronnie21OpenWest76.71
Marshall, Morgan  22OpenEast75.68
Johnson, Cory  23OpenEast74.32
Kool, Adam  24OpenEast72.97
Rank, Nikola  25OpenEast72.97
Wales, Reg  26OpenEast72.97
Bequiri, Gavin  27OpenEast72.72
audren, guillaume28OpenWest72.60
Iverson, Ethan29OpenWest71.23
Robinson, Rocky30OpenWest71.23
Prefontaine, Nicholas  31OpenEast70.59
Ross, Jason  32OpenEast68.92
McLeod, Ron33OpenWest67.12
Preto, Edward34OpenWest65.79
vincent, andrew  35OpenEast65.12
Begin, Gabriel  36OpenEast64.86
Launay, Rick37OpenWest64.47
Betemps, Ryan38OpenWest64.38
May, Greg  39OpenEast62.79
Mackenzie, Krys40OpenWest61.64
Gerard, Tyler  41OpenEast60.47
Haycock, Russ42OpenWest57.89
Reddeman, Matthew43OpenWest57.89
Galama, Ken  44OpenEast56.76
Baardsen, Steve45OpenWest55.26
Sherwood, Alex46OpenWest55.26
Patterson, Adam47OpenWest54.79
Morris, Yanick  48OpenEast54.41
Howe, Cory49OpenWest53.95
Robinson, Simon50OpenWest53.42
Holmquist, Ryan51OpenWest51.32
Chenier, Morgan52OpenWest50.00
Damron, Aaron53OpenWest48.68
Greig, Steven  54OpenEast44.19
Shaw, Buddy55OpenWest43.84
Osmond, Angela  56OpenEast40.54
Elliott, Steve  57OpenEast37.21
Lalonde, Paul58OpenWest35.53
Ostapowich, Darrin59OpenWest34.21
Tremblay, Etienne  60OpenEast33.78
Haycock, Russ61OpenWest28.77
Gray, Don  62OpenEast27.91
Horan, Jason  63OpenEast27.91
Patterson, Patrick  64OpenEast27.03
Melanson, Gary  65OpenEast26.47
talbot, Mark  66OpenEast25.00
Julie, Patterson67OpenWest23.29
Henderson, Derek68OpenWest22.37
Evans, Ronald  69OpenEast13.51