CRPS Team Challenge

Squad up for the new CRPS 2021 Team Challenge!

Coming in the 2021 CRPS Season you are now able create your 4-man team together and earn top team honours at each CRPS match and be in the running for the overall 2021 National Team Championship.  Each match will be run as before and you will still compete for individual placement AND team challenge placement at the same time.

The CRPS Team Challenge is simple.

  1. Register your 4-person team Click this link to signup your team
    • You must all be shooting in the same Division
    • You must all be present at the match for your team to be counted.
    • You may substitute team members but the incoming shooter may not be part of another team. You may not replace more than 50% of your original team without creating a new team.  New teams may not carry over points from previous teams.
    • You may not be part of more than one team
    • We will confirm your team and send you a 4-digit team code for use during match signup on practiscore.
  2. Sign-up for a match and enter your team’s 4-digit code in the team id field.
  3. Shoot the match
  4. Collect your medals!

It’s that easy.

CRPS Team Leaderboard Standings will be updated monthly.