5 second Review – Impact! by Rodney Maze


I purchased my copy of Impact! last year upon the recommendation of Barney AKA “Tactical Teacher” as he is known on CGN. The book he reviewed was still in the draft stage. As soon a it hit the presses, Jerry from Mystic Precision was carrying copies for sale. If my memory seves me correctly, this was around the same time the Rimfire PRS was starting to gain traction.

While this book is more dedicated to centerfire, there is a small blurb about the usefulness of rimfire trainers. The instruction and theory shown in the book really transcends the differences between rimfire and centerfire.

The main focus on this book is training and preparation for PRS matches. This aligns very well with what you will encounter a CRPS/ORPS match. If you ever asked yourself the question “what can I do at practice to get better?”, this book has some answers.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Rifle setup
  • Dry fire, Live fire practice
  • Collecting ballistic data
  • Match preparation
  • Shooting a match
  • Various Charts for Dope, Wind reading, Unit Conversions, etc.

Overall, this book will give you a peek into what to expect when you step into the world of PRS. The book is a simple and easy read. There are a good amount of pictures to help illustrate the topics or concepts being discussed.

If you want to get your hands on this book you can purchase it directly from Rodney via Amazon.ca