5 Second Review – Long Range Shooting Handbook by Ryan Cleckner


“Long range shooting should be ritualistic. If consistency is the key to accuracy (it is), then you should make it habit to be consistent in how you shoot” – Ryan Cleckner 

In my constant search of improving my shooting skills and be the best I can be at this sport I have turned to various books. One of which is Ryan Cleckner’s “Long Range Shooting Handbook”. I am currently in my second reading of ths book in order to lock some of it to memory and refresh myself for the upcoming 2019 season.

I got my copy by downloading kindle version off of Amazon.ca. What I like about this book is is written in plain English without a lot of complex jargon.

Ryan’s book uses more tried and true methods of shooting that he used during his time in the military. So this is not a book of “F-class” or bench type shooting. This book has more of a tactical/practical point of view when it comes to shooting. This seems to pair well with the shooting style required for CRPS.

The book covers pretty much the entire A-Z of shooting long range and really takes each topic and tears it down to the real minute details.

Topics covered in the book are:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Equipment Selection (Calibers, Rifles, Optics, Accessories, etc)
  • Fundamentals
  • Ballistics
  • How to pull it all together (“where the rubber meets the road” as Ryan puts it)

In Chapter 13 the book really begins to shine. Ryan begins to pull all of the information together and walks the reader though the steps of pulling off the perfect shot. Getting into position, adjusting the scope, and every step leading up to and after squeezing the trigger. It also has little “tidbits” of information that you can use during your CRPS match, such as always returning your scope back to it’s zero between stages. Starting a stage with the scope on its lowest magnification in order to quickly find your targets.

Overall, this book has answered a great deal of questions I had and it also may have created new ones. The book is very text heavy so it may be best to digest it in small chunks and really let the knowledge sink in. It is designed for the beginner “long range shooter”, but has information that the veteran shooter may have missed or forgotten.


** As a side note, Ryan donates 25% of each sale to two military charities.

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