5 Second Review – Practical Shooter’s Guide: A How-To Approach To Unconventional Shooting Positions by Marcus Blanchard



It was upon reading Rodney Maze’s book Impact! that i was introduced to “A Practical Shooter’s Guide” by Marcus Blanchard. I took a chance and purchased a Kindle version from Amazon.

A screen shot to illustrate the detail in Marcus’ book

The focus of this book is to show the reader how to break down common PRS shooting positions. Marcus’ approach is very detailed. He boils every position down to the smallest detail. Things like where to place your support hand, trigger hand, how to place your body, legs, etc.

The book is full of pictures to better illustrate the details of each shooting position.


Various topics covered in the book

  • A brief touch on fundamentals
  • Positional principles
  • Overview of supported positions
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Rooftops, slopes, and tank traps
  • Tripods, bipods, and shooting sticks
  • Support side shooting
  • Training regimen
  • and much more

Since reading this book I have gained a better understanding of how to approach a variety of different shooting positions/barricades/obstacles. Now the key is to get more range time and really put this newly gained knowledge to good use and commit it to memory by using repetition.

If this book is of interest to you, you can purchase it on amazon.ca by clicking this link.