Buying a scope is so much more complicated than buying a rifle. Find out why.

Choosing and buying a scope, for most of us, is an intimidating activity.  So many options and choices we have to make with very little experience.  Rifle selection, in comparison,  is relatively easy, we already some a rough idea of what calibre we want and probably a preferred brand and/or model.  We’ve probably been part of or listened in on discussions about .308 vs 6.5mm vs 6mm and know where we want to start.  When we start looking at scopes it gets really complicated.  So many options, magnifications, reticles, tube sizes, Mil or MOA and other details we haven’t been exposed to.

Frank Galli at Sniper’s Hide walks us through some of the common decision points and discussions why you might lean in one direction versus another.

Scope Buying Advice, How Choose the Right Optic