2019 Canadian Rimfire Precision Series by ELEY – Leader Board

The 2019 CRPS season is underway!

Match #1 was a challenging match with mother nature testing the shooters, spotters and staff.  Congratulations to the brave competitors who took on the challenge.

Points Calculation

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match points scored during each match.

Competitor’s match points are aggregated for the 2019 season and the Top 3 finishers in each of the categories will be awarded trophies and their achievement placed in the CRPS Series Championship “Wall of Fame” photo album at the end of each season.

Past season champions can be seen on our Wall of Fame page

2019 Youth Division Rankings

RankNameClassRegionTotal Match Points After match #2Total Series Points After Match #2
1Soucie, SamuelYouth under 18East11120
2Sharpe, SamYouth under 18East40100
3Galama, ErikYouth under 18East266.67
4Robinson, DerekYouth under 18East1845
5Henderson-Soucie, TylerYouth under 18East1537.5
6Galama, AlecYouth under 18East133.33

2019 Production Division Rankings

RankNameClassRegionTotal Match Points After match #2Total Series Points After Match #2
1Barks, SteveProductionEast50200
2Soucie, GregoryProductionEast28106.82
3Charette, DaveProductionEast44100.00
4Hicks, KoleProductionEast3886.36
5Sergiy, LestevProductionEast466.67
6Eisele, DavidProductionEast2965.91
7Kirkham, kenProductionEast2863.64
8Lishchynsky, AdrianProductionEast2659.09
9Singh, TusharProductionEast2352.27
10Crouch, KyleProductionEast1840.91
11Sulypka, AndrijProductionEast1636.36
12Postma, NathanaelProductionEast1534.09
13Rousseau, FrancoisProductionEast233.33
14decaire, chrisProductionEast1431.82
15Paulick, AlProductionEast1329.55
16Rocheleau, RonaldProductionEast1227.27
17McDermid, BrianProductionEast920.45
18Plummer, GregoryProductionEast818.18
19Nanrey, AvtarProductionEast36.82

2019 Open Division Rankings

RankNameClassRegionTotal Match Points After match #2Total Series Points After Match #2
1Boulerice, DonatOpenEast79200
2Niedzwiedz, KevinOpenEast57166.67
3Noel, JonpaulOpenEast57154.32
4Begin, GabrielOpenEast40103.85
5Pelletier, Marc-andréOpenEast13100
6Sharpe, BrettOpenEast5786.36
7Sab Leblanc, YanickOpenEast1184.62
8Thiessen, KenOpenEast5380.30
9Sharpe, RonOpenEast5177.27
10Landry, PhilippeOpenEast1076.92
11St-Louis Cote, MathieuOpenEast969.23
12Johnson, CoryOpenEast4568.18
13Rodd, KenOpenEast4365.15
14Rodd, TannerOpenEast3959.09
15Ray, PeterOpenEast3756.06
16Driessen, AdriaanOpenEast3553.03
17Kool, AdamOpenEast3553.03
18Bourgoin, BrunoOpenEast3451.52
19Baribeau, EliasOpenEast3350.00
20Aggus, RyanOpenEast3350.00
21Halmo, MikeOpenEast3248.48
22Hind, ChrisOpenEast3146.97
23McMullin, MarkOpenEast646.15
24Clinch, BrianOpenEast2943.94
25Ratz, PaulOpenEast2842.42
26Robinson, JeffOpenEast2842.42
27Cairncross, IanOpenEast2842.42
28Mailloux, RyanOpenEast2842.42
29Cox, AdamOpenEast2842.42
30Tischler, ChrisOpenEast2740.91
31Auld, RonOpenEast2740.91
32Crowe, PaulOpenEast2639.39
33Timmons, MarcelOpenEast2639.39
34Jalbert, JonathanOpenEast538.46
35Guinn, DennyOpenEast2334.85
36Ross, JasonOpenEast2334.85
37Greig, StevenOpenEast2233.33
38Contois, JasonOpenEast2131.82
39Galama, KenOpenEast430.77
40Ward, ChrisOpenEast430.77
41Bazinet, PatrickOpenEast430.77
42Bequiri, GavinOpenEast1928.79
43Chiasson, PhilippeOpenEast1725.76
44De Groote, MarcOpenEast1725.76
45Bremner, AdamOpenEast1624.24
46Helsdon, JeffOpenEast1624.24
47Kokeza, DennisOpenEast323.08
48Thiessen, EricOpenEast1522.73
49wirth, shonOpenEast1522.73
50Prefontaine, NicholasOpenEast215.38
51Hansen, KenOpenEast1015.15
52DEMARS, PAULOpenEast710.61
53Payne, BlairOpenEast69.09
54McKenna, SteveOpenEast69.09
55Emeline, CouéOpenEast17.69
56redmond, adamOpenEast17.69
57Avon, Jean-FrançoisOpenEast17.69