2019 Canadian Rimfire Precision Series by ELEY – Leader Board

We are almost at the halfway point to the 2019 CRPS Season.  Its been a great season so far, from Valcartier, Quebec, Aylmer, Ontario, Petawawa, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta the events have been challenging and the competitors have stepped up to test their skills and learn more about this exciting shooting event.

After 3 events in the east and 1 in the west, the eastern shooters have taken a lead in the leaderboard.  With the next 2 events set to take place in the west, we expect the leaderboard to change.

Stay tuned for the coming updates.

Points Calculation

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match points scored during each match.

Competitor’s match points are aggregated for the 2019 season and the Top 3 finishers in each of the categories will be awarded trophies and their achievement placed in the CRPS Series Championship “Wall of Fame” photo album at the end of each season.

Past season champions can be seen on our Wall of Fame page

2019 Youth Division Rankings

RankNameClassRegionTotal Series Points after match #4Total Match Points after match #4
1Sharpe, SamYouthEast19577
2Soucie, SamuelYouthEast14320
3Ross, BobbyYouthEast10039
4Bainard, KaylynnYouthWest10021
5Lalonde, KaylorYouthEast9236
6Henderson-Soucie, TylerYouthEast9136
7Galama, ErikYouthEast797
8Sharpe, OliviaYouthEast7931
9Mclean, PearlYouthEast6425
10Robinson, DerekYouthEast4518
11Galama, AlecYouthEast331
12Henderson-Soucie, RyanYouthEast218
13Hogle, BenYouthEast31

2019 Production Division Rankings

RankNameClassRegionTotal Match Points after Match #4Total Series Points after Match #4
1Barks, SteveProductionEast106.00300.00
2Soucie, GregoryProductionEast49.00144.32
3Charette, DaveProductionEast44.00100.00
4Wilson, RobProductionWest35.00100.00
5Hutchings, CharlieProductionWest34.0097.14
6Singh, TusharProductionEast48.0096.91
7Lishchynsky, AdrianProductionEast43.0089.45
8Rousseau, FrancoisProductionEast32.0086.90
9Hicks, KoleProductionEast38.0086.36
10Bednard, KeeganProductionWest27.0077.14
11Verruyt, BartProductionWest26.0074.29
12Sergiy, LestevProductionEast4.0066.67
13Eisele, DavidProductionEast29.0065.91
14Kirkham, kenProductionEast28.0063.64
15Mcdonald, BradProductionWest22.0062.86
16Magda, HowardProductionEast34.0060.71
17Smith, BradProductionWest21.0060.00
18Liimatainen, KarlProductionEast32.0057.14
19Switzer, StephenProductionEast31.0055.36
20Goyette, KevinProductionEast30.0053.57
21Lowry, MarkProductionWest15.0042.86
22Manysiak, BradProductionWest15.0042.86
23Jolicoeur, PascalProductionEast23.0041.07
24Crouch, KyleProductionEast18.0040.91
25Sulypka, AndrijProductionEast16.0036.36
26Postma, NathanaelProductionEast15.0034.09
27decaire, chrisProductionEast14.0031.82
28Paulick, AlProductionEast13.0029.55
29Pretorius, ChanonProductionEast16.0028.57
30Rocheleau, RonaldProductionEast12.0027.27
31Schoepp, ClintProductionWest9.0025.71
32Harrison, ScotProductionEast13.0023.21
33McDermid, BrianProductionEast9.0020.45
34Cardinal, ClaudiaProductionEast11.0019.64
35Plummer, GregoryProductionEast8.0018.18
36Boucher, JoelProductionWest6.0017.14
37Roche, SpencerProductionWest6.0017.14
38Witting, RosmarieProductionWest6.0017.14
39Janzen, DaleProductionWest4.0011.43
40Whitting, KellyProductionWest4.0011.43
41Nanrey, AvtarProductionEast3.006.82

2019 Open Division Rankings

RankNameClassRegionTotal match Points after match #4Total Series Points after Match #4
1Boulerice, DonatOpenEast122280
2Niedzwiedz, KevinOpenEast99241
3Noel, JonpaulOpenEast90215
4Ross, RobertOpenEast108200
5Begin, GabrielOpenEast85187
6Pelletier, Marc-andréOpenEast58183
7Mclean, RyanOpenEast98181
8Barkwell, JamieOpenEast82152
9Sharpe, BrettOpenEast92151
10Sharpe, RonOpenEast87144
11Johnson, CoryOpenEast79131
12Rodd, TannerOpenEast77129
13Logstrup, ChrisOpenEast64119
14Gordon, RobertOpenEast62115
15Josselin, GregoryOpenEast62115
16Sharpe, elijahOpenEast58107
17Longhurst, GlennOpenEast56104
18Ross, JasonOpenEast59102
19Haynes, TonyOpenWest55100
20Guinn, DennyOpenEast58100
21Gourgon, ThomasOpenEast5093
22Marshall, MorganOpenEast5093
23Hind, ChrisOpenEast5591
24Zelko, JasonOpenWest4989
25Russell, BrandonOpenWest4887
26Sab Leblanc, YanickOpenEast1185
27Gaalaas, ScottOpenWest4582
28Reid, DavidOpenEast4481
29Bourgoin, BrunoOpenEast5081
30Thiessen, KenOpenEast5380
31Wolff, LloydOpenWest4480
32Clinch, BrianOpenEast4879
33Friesen, SolOpenWest4378
34Adams, WilliamOpenEast4278
35Sulypka, AndrijOpenEast4278
36Landry, PhilippeOpenEast1077
37audren, guillaumeOpenWest4276
38Haycock, RussOpenWest4276
39Hils, AlexOpenWest4073
40Hogle, LanceOpenEast3870
41St-Louis Cote, MathieuOpenEast969
42Betemps, RyanOpenWest3869
43Ingram, ShawnOpenWest3869
44Aggus, RyanOpenEast4267
45Rodd, KenOpenEast4365
46McGlynn, DwightOpenWest3564
47Tremblay, Etienne ClaudeOpenEast3463
48Michaud, AdrielOpenWest3258
49Ray, PeterOpenEast3756
50Hynek, MikeOpenWest3055
51Driessen, AdriaanOpenEast3553
52Kool, AdamOpenEast3553
53Dodsworth, AndrewOpenWest2953
54wirth, shonOpenEast3152
55Baribeau, EliasOpenEast3350
56Halmo, MikeOpenEast3248
57McMullin, MarkOpenEast646
58Schmidt, RossOpenWest2545
59Ratz, PaulOpenEast2842
60Robinson, JeffOpenEast2842
61Cairncross, IanOpenEast2842
62Mailloux, RyanOpenEast2842
63Cox, AdamOpenEast2842
64Barefoot, WilliamOpenWest2342
65Tischler, ChrisOpenEast2741
66Auld, RonOpenEast2741
67Galama, KenOpenEast940
68Crowe, PaulOpenEast2639
69Timmons, MarcelOpenEast2639
70Jalbert, JonathanOpenEast538
71Greig, StevenOpenEast2233
72Ma, StevenOpenWest1833
73Contois, JasonOpenEast2132
74Ward, ChrisOpenEast431
75Bazinet, PatrickOpenEast431
76Javens, CoreyOpenWest1629
77Bequiri, GavinOpenEast1929
78Myers, TedOpenWest1527
79Chiasson, PhilippeOpenEast1726
80De Groote, MarcOpenEast1726
81Bremner, AdamOpenEast1624
82Helsdon, JeffOpenEast1624
83Kokeza, DennisOpenEast323
84Thiessen, EricOpenEast1523
85Prefontaine, NicholasOpenEast215
86Hansen, KenOpenEast1015
87DEMARS, PAULOpenEast711
88Payne, BlairOpenEast69
89McKenna, SteveOpenEast69
90Emeline, CouéOpenEast18
91redmond, adamOpenEast18
92Avon, Jean-FrançoisOpenEast18