2021 Canadian Rimfire Precision Series by ELEY – Leader Board

We are finally getting the western tour rolling and have updated the stats to include all matches to August.  Its been a challenging year but hope to be able to see you all again at least once this year.  Our east coast friends will have to wait another year to see CRPS matches on the coast but rest assured we will try our best.

Thanks to all of you for making this series a huge success and for making it so worthwhile.

Many thanks to master statistician John Gingrich for the data crunching and finally a huge thank you to all our sponsors.

The leader board points calculation was modified last year and are now taking the competitors best 3 matches to calculate the total.  As well, a 50% Match Point Bonus is applied to the Regional Championship matches.

Points Calculation

Match winners in each division are awarded 100 points. All other shooters’ match points will be based off of the percentage of the winning shooter’s points . (For example, if the winning shooter scores 75 points, and the second place shooter scores 63 you would divide 63 by 75 to end up with 84% or 84 points from 100).

Competitors participating in the Regional Finales will also receive a 50% bonus on top of their match points.

The leader board will be first sorted using the competitors’ series points and then by the actual match score achieved during each match.

Competitor’s best 3 match points will be aggregated for the 2020 season and the Top 3 finishers in each of the categories will be awarded trophies and their achievement placed in the CRPS Series Championship “Wall of Fame” photo album at the end of each season.

Past season champions can be seen on our Wall of Fame page

2021 Youth Division Rankings

Series StandingCompetitorRegionTop 3 Match PointsSeries PointsMatches Shot this SeasonCompetitors Season Hit Percentage
1Tischler, JessicaEAST29100128%
2Cairncross, ColtenEAST27100126%
3Hicks, JREAST1866.67117%
4Jolicoeur, AveryEAST1448.28113%

2021 Production Division Rankings

Series StandingCompetitorRegionTop 3 Match PointsSeries PointsMatches Shot this SeasonCompetitors Season Hit Percentage  
1Jolicoeur, PascalEAST73158.54235%
2D'Arcy, AndrewEAST41100.00139%
3Longridge, RobEAST26100.00129%
4Hart, ColinEAST2284.62124%
5Watkins, BrandonEAST1973.08121%
6Magda, HowardEAST1869.23120%
7Rodrigues, AaronEAST2765.85126%
8vincent, andrewEAST2560.98124%
9Ramnarace, RonaldEAST2448.98123%
10Mitchell, TravisEAST1142.31112%
11Neske, RyanEAST1024.39110%

2021 Open Division Rankings

Series StandingCompetitorRegionTop 3 Match PointsSeries PointsMatches Shot this SeasonCompetitors Season Hit Percentage
1Goyette, KevinEAST220280.21374%
2Gingrich, JohnEAST203259.71368%
3Sulypka, AndrijEAST179227.18360%
4Pretorius, ChanonEAST169211.91357%
5Niedzwiedz, KevinEAST159187.18282%
6Sab Leblanc, YanickEAST157186.81281%
7Boulerice, DonatEAST152179.67278%
8Sharpe, BrettEAST140175.40267%
9Cairncross, IanEAST134158.61269%
10Baribeau, EliasEAST123157.84259%
11Lishchynsky, AdrianEAST116149.78256%
12Sharpe, SamEAST120149.71257%
13Hui, MatthewEAST124146.52264%
14Auld, RonEAST114144.60255%
15Sharpe, RonEAST112142.78254%
16Compton, LucasEAST115141.61255%
17Boughner, JesseEAST113140.91254%
18Cox, AdamEAST108139.86252%
19D'Errico, JulianEAST105133.97250%
20Tuskan, SteveEAST105131.74250%
21Tischler, ChrisEAST105130.99250%
22Contois, JasonEAST97125.55246%
23Yazwinski, RickEAST97121.09246%
24Josselin, GregoryEAST98118.32250%
25crouch, kyleEAST94117.79245%
26Macedo, AaronEAST93115.95244%
27Neumann, RalphEAST94115.93245%
28Webster, AndrewEAST92114.85244%
29Katigbak, RickEAST98114.28250%
30Gourgon, ThomasEAST84113.91243%
31Borsellino, StephenEAST89109.70243%
32Samuel, CraigEAST7499.97238%
33Klisz, DamianEAST7996.10238%
34Zelyk, AlexEAST7390.26235%
35Warder, MatthewEAST7089.93233%
36Crowe, PaulEAST6986.23233%
37Barrette, PaulEAST6684.62173%
38NORMAN, TONYEAST6583.33172%
39Postma, NathanaelEAST6682.57232%
40Chan, HeiEAST6478.13231%
41Landry, PhilippeEAST6076.92167%
42Towlson, RickEAST5976.73228%
43Rodd, KenEAST5974.87228%
44Lacuna, CarlosEAST5971.90228%
45Hicks, KoleEAST5969.97230%
46Gordon, RobertEAST5367.95159%
47Desbiens, SeanEAST6167.03158%
48Eisele, DavidEAST4363.24141%
49Laliberté, JohnEAST4861.54153%
51Christmas, DaveEAST4960.16223%
52Hicks, JeffEAST4058.82138%
53GREIG, STEVENEAST5358.24150%
54Lamothe, SophieEAST4557.69150%
55Schaeffer, JonathanEAST4557.69150%
56Van Den Berge, PeteEAST3957.35138%
57Charette, DaveEAST3754.41136%
58Lamarche, BrunoEAST3848.72142%
59Guinn, DennyEAST4448.35142%
60Chiasson, PhilippeEAST4246.15140%
61Archer, AaronEAST2841.18127%
62Ceschia, AndreaEAST2739.71126%
63Mathewson, ChrisEAST3039.29214%
64Martin, AdamEAST3538.46133%
65Patenaude, RenaudEAST2536.76124%
66Adams, WilliamEAST2835.90131%
67Henderson-Soucie, TylerEAST2835.90131%
68Dans, GeraldEAST3134.07130%
69Faber, JacobEAST3134.07130%
70decaire, chrisEAST2333.82122%
71Ruxton, StevenEAST3032.97129%
72Hogle, LanceEAST2532.05128%
73Faber, DarrellEAST2830.77127%
74Pinel, BenjaminEAST2430.77127%
75Soucie, GregoryEAST2430.77127%
76Ruddock, JamesEAST2430.77127%
77VanDriel, EdwinEAST2628.57125%
78Wu, BryanEAST1927.94118%
80Jesney, BrentEAST1920.88118%
81Weiss, GregEAST1316.67114%
82Gauthier, PatrickEAST1012.82111%
83Cajelais, SylvainEAST56.4116%