CRPS featured on Slam Fire Radio Podcast



The CRPS was featured on Slam Fire Radio on March 9th,2018. Rick explains the details of the CRPS to the Slam Fire Radio listeners.

“Exciting and new! Have you ever wanted to try Precision Rifle shooting but just don’t have the equipment or the funds? On this week’s episode, we talk about the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series (CRPS) that has just been launched. You can take the stock 10/22 out and try it or bring your modified trainer rifle and hit steel out to 300 meters. We also read your emails, talk about the news and give a few shout-outs. Have a listen!”


William is an amateur shooting sport enthusiast. Like most of us, his shooting journey began as a child shooting at cans with BB guns. A few years ago his love for the shooting sports has been rekindled. He is a "Rifleman" under the Project Mapleseed marksmanship program and is currently an "Instructor In Training" with Project Mapleseed.