Rimfire Competition Academy

The Rimfire Competition Academy is a new event for the CRPS 2022 Season and is a rimfire competition fundamentals teaching event designed for the new and less experienced competitor.  Our goal is to provide our attendees with a practical understanding of the tools and techniques needed to confidently compete in a long-range rimfire match.

We will take the competitor through the following topics:

  • match and stage safety procedures
  • overview of the basic equipment needed to compete
  • setting up the rifle/optics to fit the competitor
  • zeroing your rifle/scope
  • ammo selection considerations
  • ballistics  and ballistics calculators (calculating and confirming trajectory, understanding wind)
  • positional shooting basics
  • using support equipment - bipods and bags
  • planning for your upcoming match - what you need and what you need to know
  • planning and executing your stage strategy - creating your stage checklist

These events will be held at ranges across Canada and listed on our events page.