Rimfire Competition Academy

The Rimfire Competition Academy is a new event for the CRPS 2022 Season and is a rimfire competition fundamentals teaching event designed for the new and less experienced competitor.  Our goal is to provide our attendees with a practical understanding of the tools and techniques needed to confidently compete in a long-range rimfire match.

We will take the competitor through the following topics:

  • overview of the basic equipment needed to compete
  • setting up the rifle/optics to fit the competitor
  • zeroing your rifle/scope
  • ammo selection considerations
  • ballistics  and ballistics calculators (calculating and confirming trajectory, understanding wind)
  • In-depth configuration and validation of ballistic calculator data (Strelok Pro)
  • positional shooting basics
  • using support equipment - bipods and bags
  • reading wind, wind factors and wind bracketing
  • planning for your upcoming match - what you need and what you need to know
  • match and stage safety procedures
  • planning and executing your stage strategy - creating your stage checklist
  • what to do when you miss...never miss the same way twice.
  • 3-stage match



"I attended the Rimfire Competition Academy with my daughter and found it to be outstanding value - even more than I expected. I LOVED it!
Rick is an excellent instructor. He’s hugely encouraging and makes even the novice like me feel like I can do this! He gives clear direction, teaching in a compelling way and at the same time there is plenty of space and grace to learn, ask questions and never the feeling that you should have been an expert already - lol! The mix of demonstrations, practical application and explanations works together brilliantly to not only learn but retain the information. It was particularly fun to end the day with a practice session to apply all the learning in a fun way that set us up to be able to compete with confidence. "
Lauren W. - Nanaimo, British Columbia


"The course was great. I learned a number of shooting techniques, the most interesting of which was the range of options in Strelok and how to get the most out of it for precision shooting. The course had a good pace, you allowed each point time to make sense and ask subsequent questions when it didn't make sense until I understood. And shooting my .22 and then analyzing how shot placement comes about and what I am doing incorrectly or need to practise more was moving from theory into reality. 
All in all, a great investment for a day, surrounded by other shooters with the same interest and you presented a great course. Thanks"
Wayne W. - Kamloops, British Columbia


"I’d been wanting to take a long range shooting course for about a year. I Watched YouTube videos, read books, and even investigated courses that were expensive.  It felt overwhelmingly complicated. This class was way better than I expected and broke it down into simple steps. Explained all the pieces like windage’ ‘elevation’ and makes it approachable. The instructor was so good! Clear, engaging, easy to follow and really helpful. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone interested in increasing skills. In addition If you are interested in competitive shooting this bridges the gap between regular range practicing and serious competing."
Ciara W. - Nanaimo, British Columbia


"I've always wanted to become proficient at long range shooting. I was hesitant to jump in as it was a self learning endeavour and would require significant time and expense in reloading. The CRPS course changed that for me.
Rick does an excellent job of instructing and teaching the basics of long range shooting. I was so impressed I purchased a new 22LR precision rifle and scope.
Long range 22LR works for me as it is fun, economical and is a great way to implement ballistic software and settings.  Thank You."
Bruce G. - Kamloops, British Columbia


"I signed up for the Rimfire Competition Academy after having tried my hand at a few Outlaw events. The instructors were all very knowledgeable and put me at ease, even being the only female in the course. The information and instruction regarding rifle fit, stable shooting positions and windage helped me immensely. Being a bit shorter and not as strong as my male counterparts in the sport, those particular lessons brought about the biggest improvement with my shooting. I would recommend this course for anyone, from new shooters to the experienced as there will definitely be something you'll learn that will help."
Karen D. - Ottawa, Ontario


These events will be held at ranges across Canada.  Check out the upcoming events below:

SeriesDateEventRangeCityProvinceRegistration Link
Competition Academy30-Jul-22Ladyguns - Ladies Only Rimfire Competition AcademyKamloops Target Sports AssociationKamloopsBritish ColumbiaRegister Now!
Competition Academy12-Aug-22Sherwood Park - Rimfire Competition AcademySherwood Park Fish and Game AssociationEdmontonAlbertaRegister Now!
Competition Academy21-Aug-22Saskatoon Rjmfire Competition AcademySaskatoon Wildlife FederationSaskatoonSaskatchewanRegister Now!