CRPS Sniper Series

The CRPS Sniper Series is the latest addition to our rimfire calendar and brought you by Go Big Tactical. It is a 2-person team match requiring good team communication and stage planning skills.  Both team members will shoot the stages and each member takes turns spotting and calling corrections for the other while working under a time limit.  There may be different targets or engagement sequences between the primary shooter and secondary shooters.  The stage descriptions are NOT published beforehand, requiring teams to be adept at processing information quickly to develop an effective stage plan just prior to shooting the stage.  Match rules, gear restrictions, round counts and other logistics information will be sent a week prior to the events.  We will be publishing a comprehensive rules and guidelines document shortly.

All gear used for the day must be carried by the teams.  This includes all ammo, food and gear you plan to use for all the stages.  Carts and other wheeled devices may not be used. The rule of thumb is that the shooter should be able to scale ladders and cross rope bridges with their gear. You may use the cart or stroller if you can make it up a ladder with it. 🙂 Allowances will be made for competitors with limited mobility or other physical constraints.

During the match, squads of teams will receive stage briefings by the RO and stage descriptions will be placed near the firing point.  The stage description will include target information such as  target sizes, engagement sequences, round counts, hit point values and general target location using terrain features, azimuth or general direction and height.  Target distances will never be provided.  Electronic ranging equipment is permitted but some stages may require you to optically range the targets.

Based on the stage description, in the preparatory time provided, the team must create their stage plan.  This may include deciding who the primary and secondary shooters are and their strategy for the stage and general plan for target identification and engagement.  No copies of the stage descriptions will be provided ahead of time.  The posted stage description must remain in the prep area.  The RO will not be providing any corrections or stage information other than impacts, wrong target notifications and time expired. All gear must be brought to the firing point. If at any time equipment is dropped, it is no longer useable for that stage. This includes bags, magazines and stage notes.
Once time starts, the shooters will be required to range and calculate dope on the fly.  It is the team members responsibility to correctly identify, range and engage the targets in the required shooting sequences and hit counts.  No external assistance will be provided. As a team, you are own your own. The stage times will vary between 5 to 10 minutes in duration and include between 3-5 targets.  It is up to the teams to maintain their awareness of the time elapsed and time remaining.  The RO will not be providing time remaining information with the exception of the "Time, Time, Time, Time Expired" command once the stage time has expired.

A match may consist of between 5 to 8 stages depending on the terrain, number of targets and round counts.

This match format is designed to test a teams ability to communicate, plan, execute and adapt on the fly.  A majority of the stages will be using natural features at the firing point and will allow competitors to use whatever equipment they desire. Tripods are highly recommended.  Please keep in mind that all equipment being used that day, including food/drink, must be carried at all times regardless of when you plan to use it.   No staging of equipment will be permitted.  Exceptions will be made for shooters with limited mobility and for Junior Team members. Junior teams are encouraged to join and are allowed a team coach to provide assistance in stage strategy development and to provide assistance as needed on the firing line during the stage.  However, the same time constraints, stage execution and scoring rules will apply. Junior teams compete in the same Open Division. Interested Junior teams should contact for instructions on how to enter/participate in the match.

There may be one or two divisions depending on match type. Throughout the year there may be an additional format, the Extreme 2-day match. The Extreme matches adds a Hardcore Division that requires teams to spend overnight on the range, camping in designated locations. All required gear will need to be carried by the team throughout the day. This includes all food, tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, water filtration gear, ammo, etc. We will provide toilet facilities and access to water.

The Rules and Guidelines for the CRPS Sniper Series will be published shortly.

This will be a fun and challenging match format.  We look forward to seeing you there!

2022 Schedule

SeriesDateEventRangeCityProvinceRegistration Link
Sniper Series25-Aug-22Sniper SeriesTwisted Rooster RanchSaskatoonSaskatchewanPending