CRPS X/22 Challenge Series

The X/22 Challenge Series is designed to test a shooter's skills in a multi-discipline format.  The stages will consist of long range 100-300m, short range 25-100m, close range 10-25m, standing silhouette 40m, 60m, 77m and 100m and rimfire precision target (paper scoring at 50m and 100m) in timed stages.  The goal is to test the shooters skill in positional shooting, speed shooting and grouping consistency.  We want to find Canada's best all around shooter.

The X/22 Challenge Series is primarily designed for the 10/22-based rifle but is open to all competitors.  The same rifle must be used for all stages in the match. No sharing of rifles are permitted. Loaner rifles are available but must be reserved before the match.  There will be 4 divisions:

  1. Stock - Shooters using any Ruger 10/22 factory rifle - no modifications are allowed except for fit. i.e. butt pads, cheek risers.  Aftermarket optics mounts and ARCA rail installations are permitted. Trigger  pull weights will be verified to ensure they are within stock factory limits. Internal parts that wear with use such as bolt buffers, extractors, firing pins and bolt handles may be replaced with aftermarket parts. Bolts and magazine release levers MUST BE replaced with stock parts if worn. No aftermarket bolts or magazine release levers are permitted in Stock Division..
  2. Open - Stock Ruger Receivers - all mods allowed.
  3. Unlimited - All non-Ruger receiver based rifles
  4. Outlaw - All other non-10/22 mag fed rifles

There are no restrictions on optics.  Run what you want and as many as you want.
Competitors must use the same rifle for all stages in the match. They may use any combination of optics/sights to compete throughout the match.

Competition Format

There will be events held across Canada and will consist of 1 day events consisting of 10 stages and 2-day events with 20 stages.  These 2-day events will be the western and eastern championships and will use the same course of fire.  A Canadian National Champion will be named in each division using the scores from both the western and eastern events.

Course of Fire

The 1 day Course of Fire will require between 225 and 275 rounds and the 2 day Regional Championships will require between 450 and 550 rounds.

A typical course of fire will be:

Long Range  100-300m

We will be using one of the 4 standardized PRS Skills Stages scaled down for rimfire.  Each 1-day match will have 2 of these stages and the 2-day regionals will contain all 4. Stages are 2 minutes in duration. Targets will vary in size from 4" to 12" square targets.

Short Range 25-100m

ORPS stages will be used for the short range component and will be shot off one of the typical barricades used i.e. step ladder, folding chair, 55 gal drum, milk crates, tires, etc.  Again each 1-day match will contain 2 of these stages and the 2-day regionals will contain 4. Stages are 2 minutes in duration. Target sizes will vary from 1/4" to 6" round targets.

Close Range 10-25m

Rimfire raceguns stages will be used for the speed portion.  The shooters ability to quickly acquire and engage targets accurately will be tested.  This is a speed steel-type stage with users engaging 1-7 steel targets up close in a prescribed sequence against the clock.  Competitors are give 5 runs per stage to score the 4 fastest times for the stage score.  Again each 1-day match will contain 2 of these stages and the 2-day regionals will contain 4.  Each run can be no longer than 30 seconds and all 5 runs are performed back to back. Targets will vary in size from 6" to 12" square/round and 1/3 IPSC steel targets.

Positional Standing - NRA Smallbore Steel - 40m chickens , 60m pigs, 77m turkeys, 100m rams

Based on the NRA Smallbore Silhouette, shooters will be required to engage 10 animal shaped steel targets on a rack in a 2-minute time period.  2 of the stages will be used in the 1 day match and all 4 will be used in the 2-day. Targets will use the standard NRA 1/5 scale steel targets.

Rimfire Precision Target - 50m Benchrest and 100m Benchrest

These stages will be shot in both prone and bench positions (where equipment allows).  Shooters will be given 5 minutes to shoot 5 sighters and 25 shots for score at a paper target at 50m and 100m distances.  Each squad will shoot as a relay (where space permits) and all targets scored by the RO and reviewed with the shooters.  We will be using targets similar to the International Bench Rest 50 yard and 100 yard targets.

Events in both the eastern and western regions are being scheduled as we speak. The schedule will be published when available. Make sure you subscribe for notifications when dates are announced.

This is going to be a fun series and we look forward to seeing you at the matches!


2022 Schedule

DateEventRangeCityProvinceRegistration Link
03-Apr-22X/22 Stittsville Ontario Challenge MatchStittsville RangesStittsvilleOntarioRegister Now!
22-May-22X/22 EESA Ontario Challenge MatchEast Elgin Sportsmens AssociationAylmerOntarioRegister Now!
11-Jun-22X/22 Merritt BC Challenge MatchNicola Valley Fish & Game ClubMerrittBritish ColumbiaRegister Now!
24-Aug-22X/22 Saskatoon SK Challenge MatchSaskatoon Wildlife FederationSaskatoonSaskatchewanPending
18-Sep-22X/22 Dartmouth Nova Scotia MatchAtlantic Marksmen AssociationDartmouthNova ScotiaPending