Huckleberry Impact Sensor Tabletop Review

Our very own Rickster66 has done a tabletop review of the very new and promising “Huckleberry Impact Rimfire Target Sensor”. If you are hosting any rimfire PRS style matches, this is an absolute must. Match Directors rejoice. This is a very cost effective alternative to some of the other impact sensors on the market.

You can reach out to Huckleberry impact via email at and also instagram at huckleberryimpact.

William is an amateur shooting sport enthusiast. Like most of us, his shooting journey began as a child shooting at cans with BB guns. A few years ago his love for the shooting sports has been rekindled. He is a "Rifleman" under the Project Mapleseed marksmanship program and is currently an "Instructor In Training" with Project Mapleseed.