Joining The CRPS – Optics – (Part 3.5)

Most of us will hit this roadblock. You have chosen your rifle, selected your scope and now your realize you don’t have enough elevation adjustment to reach out to 350m.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m in the same boat too. The scope I have borrowed does have enough built in elevation to reach out to the extreme distances of some of the CRPS stages. The scope I will use has 50 MOA of elevation. The problem is when zeroed at 50M it left only 34MOA of adjustment. This was a far cry from the approximate 54-ish MOA I needed to go to 350m.

There are a few options to help solve this issue:

Adjustable Rings

FX No Limits Scope Mounts are a pivot style mount to overcome elevation runout.


There are a few manufacturers that are making rings with adjustable elevation. This are somewhat costly at around $100+ street price. Initial setup can be a little difficult, but it is somewhat “set and forget”. Some use inserts to set the exact MOA cant. Other models use a pivot type of action.






Canted Rails

Evolution Gun works makes rails for a huge assortment of rimfire rifles


Canted rails have a slight tilt to help bottom out your elevation adjustment thereby giving your more top-end adjustment. They come various MOA (20, 30,40 etc.). They install easily and usually give you more rail space then a regular scope base.


This is more of a DIY approach to get more elevation out of your scope. It involves slipping a thin sheet of metal (like the side of a Pepsi can) under the rear scope base or shimming the bottom of the rear scope ring and shimming the top of the front scope ring. This method can put unnecessary stress on your scope. If you own a rifle that does not readily have factory made or aftermarket support, this may be your only option. Here’s a YouTube video to show how its done


EGW 20 MOA rail install with a cheap Amazon Anti-Cant bubble level to prevent me from canting the rifle.

My Build

I reached out to Jerry at Mystic Precision. He is able to bring in Evolution Gun Works (EGW) products. They make rails for quite an assortment of rifles. I was lucky that they made a 20 MOA rail for my Marlin XT-22. Installation was easy. The rail extends almost over the entire action. This gives options to mounting the scope as well as anti-cant bubble levels.