Joining the CRPS – The platform (Part 2)


Now we are getting to the part everyone like to talk about; the rifle.

The Production Division seams to be the “hot topic” on everyone’s mind. on the surface of it, it appears to be rather simple. “Any semi-auto or bolt action 22LR rifle under $500 MSRP”. What lies beneath the surface is more interesting. Due to the $500 MSRP, it allows shooters to concentrate on the fundamentals while staying within their own budget.

Most stocks found on “Production” rifles have a low comb to accommodate shooting with iron sights. Your cheek weld may need to be built up to have proper alignment with a scope.

Here’s the run-down:

Rifle: MSRP $500 or under
Optics: MSRP $500 or under

No “free floating” the barrel
No “bedding” the action
No modifying the trigger (swapping springs, polishing, changing trigger groups, etc.)
No swapping the stock

However, you are allowed to modify the stock for proper fit (length of pull and cheek weld)

10/22 owners rejoice!

If you are using the Ruger 10/22, then here are some permitted modifications:
Extended mag releases
Autobolt Mods
Bolt Buffer mods


Don’t think that this series is only for bolt-guns. A semi-auto platform (Ruger 10/22, Remington 597, Savage 64, Marlin  795, etc) should prove useful in stages where rapid follow-up shots would prove to be advantageous.


My Current Production Build

For my choice in rifle I ended up going with a Marlin XT-22. It was a no-brainer for me because I already had it kicking around for this season’s Mapleseed event (hopefully I will run it with a set of tech sites for the Mapleseed).

The XT-22 fits well into the production class as it has a smooth action, adjustable trigger (like the Accutrigger from Savage), and is noted for being accurate due to its “micro-groove” rifling. Another common production bolt action is the Savage Mark II. The Savage has a slight advantage of having a wider assortment of models under the $500 limit and have the advantage of being able to be modified with accessories to follow you if you bum up to open class.

My stock was cut down to allow a more comfortable “Length of pull” and for easier bolt manipulation

In order to prepare the rifle for this style of shooting, I needed to make the rifle fit me as a shooter to ensure the best consistency possible (I’m only 5′ 7″ tall). The Production Division is very stringent in terms of what modifications are allowed to be made to the rifle. The rules are to ensure a “level playing field”  among all participants.

After reviewing the details outlined on the website and the Facebook Group, it allows for adjustments to “Length Of Pull” and “Cheek Weld”. I took my measurements and had the stock chopped down about an inch or so to allow for easier operation of the bolt and trigger. The cheek weld solution was solved by adding an inexpensive strap on cheek pad I purchased on amazon for under $20 shipped.

Trying out an inexpensive cheek pad bought off amazon. It has a pouch that allows the foam inside to be added or removed as needed.

This setup will most likely evolve as the blog continues and we begin real-world testing and adding optics and accessories.

Stay tuned for the next Blog post where we cover optics.


You my have an old Savage bolt action or Ruger 10/22 kicking around in your gunsafe. As long as it is in its original configuration and under $500 MSRP, it should be a great platform for this division. Check out the events page to see if there is a event near you.

Side note:

If you are reading this and still have questions, sent the CRPS a FB message or shoot them an email. They are more than willing to help you out.