Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series

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What is the Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series?

The Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series (ORPS) is a national precision rimfire competition series that clubs and ranges can participate in on a monthly basis. A new 5-stage course of fire published each month and results are tabulated at the end of the month with national and provincial standings published. Like in the regular CRPS series, series points will be awarded to each shooter that will count to the overall, annual leaderboard standings.
The series is limited to .22lr rimfire rifles and uses a standard target set and commonly available set of shooting positions and positional barricades. The series was designed to be shot at ranges with at least 100y distances, allowing most ranges to participate. The matches are 5-stages in length with each stage running between 60-120 seconds. Match round counts are 50-rounds per match or 10 rounds per stage. Distances will vary from 25 yards to 100 yards with target sizes varying from ¼” to 6”.