Outlaw Rimfire Precision Series

Each month the  Outlaw Precision Series (ORPS) publishes a new and exciting Course Of Fire that local shooting ranges can host. This allows shooters to compete against other shooters from across the nation. Two words.........Bragging Rights!!

How it works:

  1. Plead with, beg, harass, or blackmail your local shooting range to host an outlaw event.
  2. After opting in, the CRPS will provide your local range the course of fire and other useful infrastucture to host the event
  3. Shooters then register for the event via the CRPS website.
  4. The shooters engage in the fun, challenging and dynamic PRS rimfire course of fire provided.
  5. At the end, shooter's score are then tabulated and aggregated against other shooters nationwide that have shot the monthly event.
  6. Monthly winners are then posted on the "Outlaw wall of fame"



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